Lesson Idea: “7 Monsters Every Child Faces”

I recently came across a blog post from Sharefaith Magazine called “How To Overcome Fear: 7 Monsters Every Child Faces”. The Sharefaith Team discussed the importance of equipping kids to recognize the lies of Satan and learning how to combat them with God’s Word. The seven “monsters” are fear, anger, shame, apathy, greed, loneliness, and pride. The Sharefaith Team took time to identify and expose how the enemy works, posing thought-provoking questions, and providing Bible verses kids can use to counter these lies.

As usual the Sharefaith Team did a wonderful job of conveying Biblical truth in a way that’s easy to understand. For the next two weeks, I’ve decided to cover these seven monsters in my class on Sunday. With Halloween still fresh in their minds, now’s a great time to explore this topic.

I have formatted the key Bible verses and questions from the blog post into a simple two-page packet for my students. I’ve included this file in PDF format for download below. Also, the Sharefaith Team produced a printable bookmark to be shared with your kids or students to help them remember all they’ve learned. See links below.

To be clear, I do not claim any personal rights over the content produced and protected by the Sharefaith, Inc. copyright.


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