Wheel of Doom (Star Wars RPG Adventure Guide)

“Wheel of Doom” is a fan-made adventure guide for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The adventure makes use of the Star Wars Saga Edition (SWSE) d20 System published by Wizards of the Coast. “Wheel of Doom” was written by Tony Pi and Robert Thellmann.

Overview: Assassins have been contracted to eliminate the top players in a dejarik tournament. Arriving at the Wheel, the heroes are drawn into the intrigue. With the Nimbus Casino as the grand prize, there are many who would kill to claim the championship title. Little do the heroes know that a splinter sect of the Dark Force religion, Sibyls of the Dark Force, is manipulating events from the shadows…

Players/Difficulty: 4 – 5th Level Characters
Length: Adventure (36-pages)
Era: Dark Times (but easily adapted to other periods)
Features: 6 pre-made character templates
Source: MediaFire

Download Here (PDF)

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