A Star Wars FanFic adapted from the play-by-post forums of Force Journey RPG, and featuring the contributions of a fellow player. Originally written between 2011-2012.

Reithon Harowa awoke suddenly, gasping for breath! Rivulets of sweat trickled down his face, eyes desperately searching his surroundings. Buttons, controls; an instrument panel. The swirling vortex of hyperspace glowing on the other side of the anterior window pane. He had awoken from a bad dream, only to find that he was still in that very nightmare. Continue reading “Vagabond”

Art Guild Submissions

The following illustrations were created as submission pieces for my application to the Star Wars Artist Guild. The Guild is a fan-driven website populated by artists who produce and share their Star Wars-themed artwork. Much of the artwork is used in role-playing games or for personal commissions.

Joining the Guild had been a life goal of mine for many years, and I was accepted with these pieces. Two of these are based on my own characters, and the third was inspired by a commission request from the Guild forums. | Created with traditional inks, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and photo textures.

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