My Goals for 2017

Twenty-seventeen is a year of goal setting. I desire to be productive with my time and to be working toward my desired future. As such, I’ve identified several areas of investment (both time and money) in which I plan to pursue in this coming year. The following is a quick overview of these goals.

Daily Tasks

To begin, I determine to spend a minimum of fifteen minutes every day (a manageable block of time) toward each of the following areas:

Pursuing God – As a disciple of Jesus Christ, my number one pursuit is to know Him more. To grow in my faith, I aim  to read and reflect on the Bible, pray, and journal.

Reading More Fiction – Reading is my primary means of entertainment. I love a good story, and fiction provides the best medium, I think, for escape and learning. I intend to broaden my horizons by exploring new genres and authors.

Exercise – First, that means joining a gym (extra motivation). Whether weight-lifting, running, walking, stretching or doing some other aerobic exercise, I want to stay active. After all, exercise positively effects health, mood, and self-image.

Write Fiction – I desire to be a published writer of fiction, but in order to reach that place I need to focus on my craft.

Complete Bible School  My church offers an accredited Bible school and I finally decided to take the plunge. These courses will help “legitimize” my recent ordination, be an incredible asset in my personal growth as a believer, and better equip me in my life’s calling.

Dietary Record

The second overall category I wish to improve is my diet. I intend to record what I eat and how much I eat. This will provide accountability in eating healthier, by showing what I eat too much or not enough of. I won’t be counting calories so much as striving to keep balance.

Family Fund

How I spend and save my income is crucial to longterm financial stability. I am very intentional about my finances and keep thorough records. Once I have a better view of my monthly income this year, I intend to establish a partition in my savings account as an investment in my future family.

Student Loans

I intend to strategically conquer my student debt. I have already paid off the smallest of three loans, and by the year’s end I intend to pay off the second. This will mean keeping up steady monthly payments followed by a large lump-sum payment once I can afford to do so.

Activities Record

Lastly, as I have been doing for the past few years, I plan on recording my time investments toward various tasks. This includes areas in which I want accountability (e.g. the Daily Tasks mentioned above). This record has been very helpful in helping me visualize how I’m spending my time, whether toward things of importance or areas I want to reduce.

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