“Minute to Win It” Games – Recommended Resources

“Minute to Win It” is a game show franchise where contestants take part in a series of sixty-second challenges that make use of items commonly found around the house. These games are simple to put together, ridiculously fun, and on occasion quite challenging! Anyone can play, from kids to older adults. They are great for use at parties and other social gatherings, and especially in kids ministry! In fact, I use “Minute to Win It” challenges just about every week.

At the time of this writing, I am not aware of a fully comprehensive , free online resource for all things “Minute to Win It.” You can find plenty of ideas, reproducible content, and references across various blogs and social media, but nothing all in one place. I am currently working on a comprehensive document with all the how-to’s for my own use, and will make it available for download once completed.

In the meantime, however, I do recommend the following resources for everything Minute to Win It:

200+ Minute to Win It Games for Kids and Adults (PlayPartyPlan.com) – For more information on different Minute to Win It gameplay modes, supplies needed, how-to play guides, printable invites and decorations, lists of games by category and theme, I highly recommend visiting this article by Britni at PartyPlayPlan.com. This site is by far the most comprehensive list of non-video resources online.

Darell Nonis (YouTube) – If you are looking for Minute to Win It style timers, or instructional videos as seen on the game show, I recommend visiting (and subscribing) to Darell Nonis on YouTube. There are dozens of playlists for theme-based timers and the games have been organized by difficulty.

Minute to Win It Gamers (YouTube) – If you’d like quality examples of how to implement the various games and media, I highly recommend visiting and subscribing to Minute to Win It Gamers on YouTube. Observing the games being played by actual people, who know what they’re doing, can also be a great help.

Post updated 12/04/2017.

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