Once Called Friend

Once called friend, we talked of deep
things and I took joy in your presence…

But your counsel turned bitter,
My sin turned you against me
To you I became as rubbish
And to my enemies you aligned

My love for you turned to dread
My thoughts of you bring anguish

I confessed my wrongdoings
I called out to My God for help
He heard my tearful prayers
And consoled my broken heart

“Deliver me!” I cried aloud, free
Me from this sickness of soul
And save me from my foes

Yes, once I called you friend,
But now you seek my death
Once I called you friend, but
Not you contrive against me

Your betrayal weighed heavy
and my spirit was depressed

But the Lord My God, is here
He is my Refuge and Counsel
To Him I express my heart
In His presence I am found

The Lord, My Friend, is faithful.

Inspired by the Story of David and Ahithophel (Psalm 41 & 55; 2 Samuel 15)

Little Creatures

Oh, little creatures underfoot
What I could do, but don’t want to
Sing for me, sweet birds, alone
If no one else will listen.

We share in part this tragedy;
I’ll sing for you and you for me.
I’ll dance with you, to your humble song
But not alone—no, I’m not that strong.

No one else among my kind,
Among my friends will sing with me
Yet you, I know, will do
And sing ‘twixt us kind melody.

A Foolish Man’s Hope

You were so beautiful once, my love; the sight
by which my heart had never before encountered
or has ever since recovered

Your face was that of a cherub, the
Brilliance of a thousand stars
Your eyes, dark as the deepest forest, and
Just as enchanting, held me firm

Who it was you were before,
perhaps you’ve never been
The memory that I thought was true
Only  just a dream

I fell in love with a shadow, with a trick,
A mirage,  a trompe l’oeil

Born of a misconception,
fed by a foolish man’s hope
Bred in the heart of a dreamer,
but chocked on reality’s rope

I love who you were with me, between us two,
And what it is I thought I knew
But that’s not what I see anymore, no:
That is quite simply not you.