Amaranthine – Part 3: The Rakkishi Attack

Amar adjured Minara to stay as long as required to recall her forgotten thought. So Minara remained in the vale of Southern Doud, in the company of ever-loving Amar, until she could better grasp the nature of his character; thus, fulfilling the quest of Anthine the wise.

Then at last, one evening the sky was darkened above the mountains afar: ominous plots were brewing, and Minara knew it to be the workings of the vengeful Halla in some matter. “What do my eyes see?” she asked aloud. Continue reading “Amaranthine – Part 3: The Rakkishi Attack”

Once Called Friend

Once called friend, we talked of deep
things and I took joy in your presence…

But your counsel turned bitter,
My sin turned you against me
To you I became as rubbish
And to my enemies you aligned

My love for you turned to dread
My thoughts of you bring anguish

I confessed my wrongdoings
I called out to My God for help
He heard my tearful prayers
And consoled my broken heart

“Deliver me!” I cried aloud, free
Me from this sickness of soul
And save me from my foes

Yes, once I called you friend,
But now you seek my death
Once I called you friend, but
Not you contrive against me

Your betrayal weighed heavy
and my spirit was depressed

But the Lord My God, is here
He is my Refuge and Counsel
To Him I express my heart
In His presence I am found

The Lord, My Friend, is faithful.

Inspired by the Story of David and Ahithophel (Psalm 41 & 55; 2 Samuel 15)

Amaranthine – Part 2: The House of Amar

Anthine was soon upon the place where parting trees gave up for the dwelling of the man called Amar. The home was most humble, if ever such a dwelling could be called thus. Built from sturdy logs and stout boulders, Anthine couldn’t help but think that the woods itself had crafted the abode for Amar.

The house was built at the upper end of a gentle hill topped by stone like a misshapen crown. To the side was the paddock for the sleeping herd, the family of wooly creatures sleeping soundly and freely about, as if with absolute faith in the care of their master. From a hollowed tree at the home’s center rolled a lazy smoke, and from a small window glowed a cozy, orange light. Continue reading “Amaranthine – Part 2: The House of Amar”

Amaranthine – Part 1: The Man of Kar

Amar of the Southern Doud was a man of lowly birth and accolade, a quiet soul that lived beside the river Marandi of Kar. He lived alone, keeping careful watch on his flock of meerbochs. Amar often walked in the woods about the Marandi, even as the pale, mordant moonlight lit upon the trees and danced on the gentle waters. There was a peace in the quiet, a solace that Amar relished above all things. And he worked hard to preserve the life established for himself in the valley about the river of Kar. On several occasions, with resolute strength and courage, Amar defended his flock against the wandering rakkishi, which drifted from the dark of the night mountain heights. Continue reading “Amaranthine – Part 1: The Man of Kar”