Hero Quest Log, etc.

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– Find the Silver Tomes for Chief Librarian Kavar (3/5).
– Use Homingbird Eggs to help injured people (1/3).
– Find a translator for the Mysterious Scroll.
– Find a way to open the Cyapod Chest on Main Street.
– Visit new property in the Gardens of Velanstra.
– Assist General Nakhael at military outpost in the Veld.
– Deliver a Musical Instrument to Jeb at the Bard’s Guild.

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Active Side Quests

Campaign: Force Journey

Individual Quests

  • Ko Shen: Locate and deliver a message to a trader, named Kebert Xela, who owes a debt to the Starry Sweep Casino (Smarteel).

Group Quests

  • Locate and defeat the Dark Mage aboard his Floating Fortress (Dekos).
  • Negotiate a deal between a Tilaxacan spice trader and an Agai patrol frigate (Deep Core).
  • Help a clan of Em’liy expose a religious charlatan on Danchian Prime.
  • Help forge matrimony papers for the daughter of an Iakaru official on Khendo.
  • Respond to Nik’s invite for a weekend getaway at his club (Khendo).
  • Locate the flagship of Kaveri Noriko in the Deep Core.
  • Determine the identity of Arbacca’s comatose doppleganger in the medical center of the Khendo Compound.

Updated September 26, 2018.