Guess the Taste (game)

Materials: Jelly Belly candy

Instructions:  Students are blindfolded, given a jelly bean and then they must attempt to identify the flavor. To make things easier (1) choose from flavors they are more likely to identify, (2) predetermine a category of flavors that you’ll be drawing from (e.g. fruit, soda pop, etc.), or (3) provide multiple choice. Advanced players can try two flavors at once. As the leader, consider using a chart of flavors for reference.

Lesson Themes: Deceptive Allure of Sin

Related: Take this game to the extreme and try the Bean Boozled Spinner Wheel Game from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. But beware, there’s some nasty flavors!

How’s Yours? (game)

Instructions: One player leaves the room. Meanwhile, the others choose a familiar item, something everyone might have in their home or on their person. The removed player returns and must ask the question “how’s yours?” to each person. The goal is to correctly guess the chosen item. What makes the game both fun and challenging, is that descriptions must be vague enough not to give it away too soon.

Lesson Themes: ?