Standing Pool Noodle (game)

Materials: Pool Noodles

Instructions: Players start by each holding a pool noodle standing upright. Once the leader calls go, players move clockwise to the next noodle and try to keep it standing, and then to the next noodle after that. Players do this for as many rounds as possible. After so many successful rounds the pool noodles are placed at a greater distance from one another, making it more challenging each time.

Lesson Themes: Good Works Aren’t Good Enough

The Last Word (game)

Instructions: Players stand in a circle. The first player moves and stands randomly in front of another, and make a random statement (e.g., “It is such a lovely day”). The player spoken to will move to another person and make a statement starting with the last word in the statement he or she received (e.g., “Day one of the course was very tiring”). Each participant takes turns to ensure that everybody gets a chance to participate.

Lesson Themes: ?

Avoiding 21 (game)

Instructions: Players are arranged into a circle or a path is determined through a seated group. The players count around the circle (or along the path) up to 21. The person who is forced to say 21 is out. Each player can count anywhere from one to three consecutive numbers, but no more.

Lesson Themes: ?