Chef’s Hat (game)

Materials: Paper Bags (one per player)

Instructions: Paper bags are fitted loosely over the head of each player (if needed, use staples to size the bag’s opening). Players must attempt to knock off their opponents’ bags with open hands, but will be disqualified if they touch their own. Game may be played within a pre-determined area.

Lesson Themes: ?

Source: Awana Youth Association

Hero Quest Log, etc.

CAMPAIGN: The Epic Saga | Learn more


– Find the Silver Tomes for Chief Librarian Kavar (3/5).
– Use Homingbird Eggs to help injured people (1/3).
– Find a translator for the Mysterious Scroll.
– Find a way to open the Cyapod Chest on Main Street.
– Visit new property in the Gardens of Velanstra.
– Assist General Nakhael at military outpost in the Veld.
– Deliver a Musical Instrument to Jeb at the Bard’s Guild.

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Active Side Quests

Campaign: Force Journey

Individual Quests

  • Ko Shen: Locate and deliver a message to a trader, named Kebert Xela, who owes a debt to the Starry Sweep Casino (Smarteel).

Group Quests

  • Locate and defeat the Dark Mage aboard his Floating Fortress (Dekos).
  • Negotiate a deal between a Tilaxacan spice trader and an Agai patrol frigate (Deep Core).
  • Help a clan of Em’liy expose a religious charlatan on Danchian Prime.
  • Help forge matrimony papers for the daughter of an Iakaru official on Khendo.
  • Respond to Nik’s invite for a weekend getaway at his club (Khendo).
  • Locate the flagship of Kaveri Noriko in the Deep Core.
  • Determine the identity of Arbacca’s comatose doppleganger in the medical center of the Khendo Compound.

Updated September 26, 2018.