Hero’s Pursuit

A Star Wars FanFic inspired by the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando. Originally written in 2009.

The man lay on the hard mattress, staring up into the darkness. The stillness of the room could do little do ease the confusion and sentiments that plagued his restless mind. For several hours now he’d been deep in thought, trying to process his emotions. Continue reading “Hero’s Pursuit”

Guardian Knights: Broken Thralldom

Guardian Knights: Broken Thralldom (Star Wars fanfic)

A Star Wars FanFic. Originally written in 2010.

In the cockpit of the Bright Specter, an old YT-2000 Corellian freighter, sat a green-skinned Rodian wringing his long-fingered hands uneasily. His usually purple-black eyes were glossed over, a sure sign of substance abuse. Next to the fidgety Rodian sat a male Shistavanen cleaning his blaster pistol. Holding the weapon up at arm distance the Shistavanen looked through the blaster’s aimer and with satisfaction holstered his weapon. Continue reading “Guardian Knights: Broken Thralldom”