Amaranthine – Intro: The Contest

The gracious Anthine looked down from her perch at the Citadel, dressed in the fairest gown of light and pearl. Her hair, as dark as the night, and dressed in points of light as beautiful as the stars, flowed from her shoulders.

“When will you learn, dear sister, that to care for those people is folly,” admonished the strong Destin. He joined her upon the miranda, and gazed out over the plains of Kar. “The brethren have long ago decided to leave the mortals to their useless lives. What use have we to care for such creatures?”

Anthine eyed her brother sympathetically. “There is more to the race of men then you give them credit, brother. In their perceived weakness, there is a strength to endure. It is admirable.” Continue reading “Amaranthine – Intro: The Contest”