A Foolish Man’s Hope (poem)

You were so beautiful once, my love; the sight

by which my heart has never before encountered

or has ever since recovered

Your face is that of a cherub, the

Brilliance of a thousand stars

Your eyes, dark as the deepest forest, and

Just as enchanting, held me firm

Who it was you were before, perhaps you’ve never been

The memory that I thought was true—only  just a dream

I fell in love with a shadow, with a trick,

a mirage, with a trompe l’oeil

Born of a misconception, fed by a foolish man’s hope

Bred in the heart of a dreamer, but chocked on reality’s rope

I love who you were with me, between us two, and

What it is I thought I knew

But that’s not what I see anymore, no, not now:

        That is quite simply not you.

This poem, originally published under my old blog, The Rapport, addresses the struggle between perceived and actual attraction in a romance.