Devils of Ascerez

Summary of the Force Journey RPG game summary from Sunday, March 12th, 2017.

The holocron of Sith alchemist Ata Lokos was a powerful ancient relic, and from it the user could learn terrible knowledge. For fear of its power, the Jedi Order had locked away the holocron in their deepest vaults for thousands of years. But one day a Morganian Jedi Knight named Candrai Enn’ado discovered this holocron. Seduced by its luring call, Candrai’s initial curiosity eventually led to obsession. Using the forbidden lore, he summoned creatures of pure dark side energy. These daemons overcame Candrai and nearly drove him mad, until at last he fled the Order and found refuge in the bowels of Cloud City on Bespin.

Many years later the Galactic Empire replaced the Republic and destroyed the Jedi Order. Candrai was spared due to his isolation and was eventually found by a group of adventurers who helped exorcise the dark side daemons. Yet Candrai never forget this terrible power and the danger that holocron yet posed to the galaxy.

He meant to destroy it. And years later he finally got his chance.

Upon the Jedi Master’s discovery of Ata Lokos’ holocron, Candrai sought allies to aide him. To answer the call was Gavril Constantin, an enthusiastic (albeit naive) adventurer who was a mutual acquaintance of old friends. Together they traveled to Ascerez, a planet of extreme weather shifts.

They located the holocron in the keep of a Silika collector. Candrai negotiated a price and left the shop, only to have the powerful relic temporary stolen away by a runaway thief. A brief chase ensued, but the thief was captured. Candrai and Gavril left the city proper to destroy the holocron.

The Jedi Master struck the holocron with his lightsaber, but found the material resistant! Candrai resorted to opening the holocron and thus exposing the venerable inner components. The holocron opened but with a violent blast and temporarily stunned him. Knowing the Jedi’s intent, the holocron released three of the dark side daemons which quickly possessed three nearby residents. Gavril and his small droid, Seeker, fought back the assailants as best they could (without doing the persons any permanent harm). Candrai recovered himself and helped subdue the victims. And with a quick display of fierce determination and a powerful display of Force mastery, Candrai Enn’ado crushed the holocron into a warped, smoldering chunk of useless alloy.

The daemons dispersed–soon to fade into oblivion without the holocron’s power to sustain them. Candrai and Gavril were quick to flee that place. Mission accomplished.

But their activities did not go without notice…

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