Marvel Superhero Poster Drawings

My freshman year at college the guys on my dorm-floor decided to choose our corresponding Marvel Comics superheroes. This idea was later captured in our floor t-shirt design. I was inspired to create drawings of these character mashups, two superheroes for each set of roommates. The first was me (Kid Colt) and my roommate (Iron Man). Next were two brothers who were roommates (Cyclops and Havok). My third drawing, which would have been Iceman and the Hulk, was never finished. | Created with traditional ink and colored pencil.

Art Guild Submissions

The following illustrations were created as submission pieces for my application to the Star Wars Artist Guild. The Guild is a fan-driven website populated by artists who produce and share their Star Wars-themed artwork. Much of the artwork is used in role-playing games or for personal commissions.

Joining the Guild had been a life goal of mine for many years, and I was accepted with these pieces. Two of these are based on my own characters, and the third was inspired by a commission request from the Guild forums. | Created with traditional inks, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and photo textures.

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