The Color Game (game)

Materials: N/A

Instructions:  Pick a color. Players go from person to person as long as they can trying to name something of that color, but they only have three seconds to think. If a player is unable to name something he or she is out for that round (the chosen color) Play until you have a winner for each color.

Lesson Themes: ?



Guess the Gargle (game)

Materials: Glass of Water

Instructions:  Secretly show a volunteer the name of a well-known song or tune (top chart song, worship song, nursery rhyme, etc.) Have the volunteer take a mouthful of water and gargle the tune while others try to guess what song it is.

Lesson Themes: ?



Something Like Fate (A Force Journey RPG Story)

It was for the best, they had both agreed.

This world had been their home for more than three years, but they were no longer safe. Things had changed. Too much attention had been drawn from their allies among the local insurgents and native swamp-dwellers. Those loyal to the evil regime had multiplied.

No, they certainly were not safe here any longer. But was it really for the best?
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