Pinching Pennies (game)

Other Names: Penny Seat, Penny Slot, Tossing the Penny, and Penny in the Hole

Instructions: Each player stands at least five feet away from a wall and then tosses one penny. If a player tosses his or her penny closest to the wall, they collect all coins for that round. Variations included  throwing coins across the room and into a hole carved in the seat of a wooden bench (Pinch Penny), or also, into the hole of a dedicated table or box (Toad in the Hole).

Lesson Themes: ?

How’s Yours? (game)

Instructions: One player leaves the room. Meanwhile, the others choose a familiar item, something everyone might have in their home or on their person. The removed player returns and must ask the question “how’s yours?” to each person. The goal is to correctly guess the chosen item. What makes the game both fun and challenging, is that descriptions must be vague enough not to give it away too soon.

Lesson Themes: ?

The Last Word (game)

Instructions: Players stand in a circle. The first player moves and stands randomly in front of another, and make a random statement (e.g., “It is such a lovely day”). The player spoken to will move to another person and make a statement starting with the last word in the statement he or she received (e.g., “Day one of the course was very tiring”). Each participant takes turns to ensure that everybody gets a chance to participate.

Lesson Themes: ?