Sticks and Spoons (game)

Materials: 4-Foot Sticks, Spoons, Bag of Marbles (50+), Styrofoam Cups, Chairs

Instructions: Using only sticks with spoons taped to the end, students must attempt putting as many marbles in their cup as possible. Arrange chairs (one per player) in a circle facing inwards, and everyone begins the game seated. The bag of marbles get scattered within the circle. The object of the game is to scoop as many marbles into the cups, using only their spoon-sticks. The cups must remain on the floor at all times and can only be moved using the spoon-sticks. Play the game for about five minutes or until all marbles are collected. The student with the most marbles in his or her cup wins.

Lesson Themes: ?


Dirty Mouth (game)

Material: Two Tubes of Inexpensive Toothpaste

Players: 2+ (teams)

Instructions: Divide students in two teams. To win, a team must squirt all their toothpaste out and then attempt to put it all back in the tube using only their hands. It’s not actually possible, by the way, but they’ll have some fun in the process and this game works well as an illustration (see below).

Lesson Themes: Hurtful Words (James 3:2-12), Consequences of Sin

Source:, submitted by Christian Radio Station

Creamed Whistle (game)

Material: Whistles, Paper Plates and Whip Cream

Players: Small to Medium Groups

Instructions: Lay out paper plates on a table and place one clean whistle on each plate. Cover each whistle with one scoop of whip cream. Each player will run to the table, bend over with hands behind their backs and find the whistle with their mouth. They are to position the whistle in their mouth and the first to blow the whistle is the winner. As a team game, the first whistle blower earns points for their team. Clean off whistles with hot soapy water and start again with new plates and fresh whip cream.

Lesson Themes: ?


Elephant Stampede (game)

Materials: Poole Noodles (cut into 18-inch sections)

Instructions:  Depending on the size of the group have anywhere from one to three students be “it”. These players will hold a pool noodle in each hand and chase the other students within the predetermined boundaries. The person must hit others below the knees with either noodle. When someone is tagged they hold hands with the person who tagged them and with their outside hands each holds a piece of pool noodle. They are now both “it.” They chase after other players. As they tag other players, they hold their hands and pass the insulation to the outside person on each end of the line. The object is to be the last person tagged.

Lesson Themes: ?