“Minute to Win It” Games – Recommended Resources

“Minute to Win It” is a game show franchise where contestants take part in a series of sixty-second challenges that make use of items commonly found around the house. These games are simple to put together, ridiculously fun, and on occasion quite challenging! Anyone can play, from kids to older adults. They are great for use at parties and other social gatherings, and especially in kids ministry! In fact, I use “Minute to Win It” challenges just about every week. Continue reading ““Minute to Win It” Games – Recommended Resources”

Devils of Ascerez

Summary of the Force Journey RPG game summary from Sunday, March 12th, 2017.

The holocron of Sith alchemist Ata Lokos was a powerful ancient relic, and from it the user could learn terrible knowledge. For fear of its power, the Jedi Order had locked away the holocron in their deepest vaults for thousands of years. But one day a Morganian Jedi Knight named Candrai Enn’ado discovered this holocron. Continue reading “Devils of Ascerez”