A Most Successful Failure (short story)

The Dean of Students, Sir Alden Chandler, removed his reading glasses and neatly tucked them within the breast pocket of his wool jacket. He laced his fingers together upon the large oak desk and adopted a smile that squirmed uncomfortably within the congress of grayed whiskers. “According to my records, you have applied to Cambridge ten times beforehand, Mr. Sullivan Sibbs.”
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Mentor (short story)

The so-called beach in this small town that I found myself in was no more than a sandbank. The gravelly sand rose abruptly from the still waters. Discarded trash and grey, lifeless tree limbs were abundant. To my surprise, there was a large crowd of people strewn about, each as if poolside at a vacation resort.

My feet sank deep into the sand at every step, the shoes I was wearing an unfitting defense for the damp, invading particles. Trudging along as I did, I finally spotted the reason for my visit. Continue reading “Mentor (short story)”