Vagabond (Star Wars fanfic)

A Star Wars FanFic adapted from the play-by-post forums of Force Journey RPG, and featuring the contributions of a fellow player. Originally written between 2011-2012.

Reithon Harowa awoke suddenly, gasping for breath! Rivulets of sweat trickled down his face, eyes desperately searching his surroundings. Buttons, controls; an instrument panel. The swirling vortex of hyperspace glowing on the other side of the anterior window pane. He had awoken from a bad dream, only to find that he was still in that very nightmare. Continue reading “Vagabond (Star Wars fanfic)”

Hero’s Pursuit (Star Wars fanfic)

A Star Wars FanFic inspired by the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando. Originally written in 2009.

The man lay on the hard mattress, staring up into the darkness. The stillness of the room could do little do ease the confusion and sentiments that plagued his restless mind. For several hours now he’d been deep in thought, trying to process his emotions. Continue reading “Hero’s Pursuit (Star Wars fanfic)”

Guardian Knights: Broken Thralldom (Star Wars fanfic)

A Star Wars FanFic. Originally written in 2010.

In the cockpit of the Bright Specter, an old YT-2000 Corellian freighter, sat a green-skinned Rodian wringing his long-fingered hands uneasily. His usually purple-black eyes were glossed over, a sure sign of substance abuse. Next to the fidgety Rodian sat a male Shistavanen cleaning his blaster pistol. Holding the weapon up at arm distance the Shistavanen looked through the blaster’s aimer and with satisfaction holstered his weapon. Continue reading “Guardian Knights: Broken Thralldom (Star Wars fanfic)”

Kenny of Cruithin (short story excerpt)

There was something magical in the air. The mingled scent of sea salt, of fresh rain, and of freshly fell vegetation. The local songbirds twittered in a crescendo of mourning for their home, as autumn beguiled the woods into early retirement.

Kenny Rogers had not been to the old family home in northern County Down for almost ten years. Yet, now returned, he felt a sudden onrush of familiarity and poignant nostalgia. He recalled many summers spent in this beautiful country, exploring the gentle slopes, wood, and thicket, from as far as the old Torr Road down to the rocky cliffs and pebbled seaside. Continue reading “Kenny of Cruithin (short story excerpt)”