2012 Illustrations

These are three illustrations created in 2012, inspired by Star Wars fan stories. See their descriptions below for more information on each individual piece.  | All works were created with Adobe Photoshop CS4.

The first is a Farghul  named Harkrat Feerg, my old player-character from the Star Wars Combine, an online simulator game. My face was the reference for this illustration.

This second illustration is of a villain called Kajma Venbaar, a Dark Side adherent and member of the Defel species. Kajma was created by my brother, but I later used him in a play-by-post adventure thread which was a part of Force Journey RPG.

The last is a fiend called the Mistress, a cruel alien bent on the galaxy’s destruction. She first appeared in the online role-playing game, Force Journey. I took substantial liberties in her design, as very little was given during the game.

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